SelectEnumInput Data Type

A select list implementing the Enum types for displaying. The select list only accepts unique objects. If you want to add same values you must initialize a new object to add. Use the setListValues and addItem methods to fill the list for presenting to the user.

Available Since
name data type constraints description
@class string   The JSON object type.
elements array of object   Sets the list of Enum items to be displayed in the select field.
listValues array of object   Returns the list of values to be displayed.
id string   Gets the input id.
label string   Gets the input label.
description string   Get the input description.
inputFieldType InputFieldType   the inputFieldType
defaultValue object   Returns the default value. Defaults to empty string.
value object   Returns the option value.
required boolean required Returns if the value of the input is required.


  "@class" : "SelectEnumInput",
  "elements" : [ { }, { } ],
  "listValues" : [ { }, { } ],
  "id" : "...",
  "label" : "...",
  "description" : "...",
  "inputFieldType" : "DATE_FIELD",
  "defaultValue" : { },
  "value" : { },
  "required" : true