pidome-server 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT API

Root package for server boot purposes.
Contains entities used for authentication and authorization.
Provides base methods and classes for entities.
Provides item definitions.
Modules entity classes.
System level entities.
User based entities.
User constraints.
Person entities.
Package supplying the server environment.
Service providers.
Authentication services.
Automation rules.
Builder services.
Device builder services.
PiDome Cluster integration.
Generic definitions used in services.
Event service.
Hardware services.
HTTP service package.
API resources.
QR code providers and schema's.
API library controllers.
Auth controllers.
Cluster controllers.
Discovery controllers.
Hardware controllers.
Items controllers.
Module controllers.
Person controllers.
Premises controllers.
System controllers.
User controllers.
Users controllers.
Default responses.
Presentation parsers.
Service package generic implementation for items.
Service package for modules.
Discovery services.
Network services.
Broadcast services.
Installer service.
Premises service.
PiDome rules.
Security services.
User service.
System core providers.
System configuration classes.
Database interface providers.
Database drivers.
PiDome compatible low level connectable hardware.
Linux hardware tools.
Network connectivity.
Serial peripherals.
USB peripherals.
Linux USB peripherals.
Windows USB peripherals.
Windows USB interface providers.
Windows hardware classes.
System logging.
System logging.
Package to supply manufacturer information.
System package for modules.
Implementation for device module container.
Implementation to provide build information and methods plus classes to build devices.
Implementation for the weather module container.
System installer classes.
System repositories classes.
Security providers and utilities.
Private utilities.
Hibernate utilities.